Leasing Process

Contact the Site Representative

All potential tenants are encouraged to initiate the process by contacting the applicable site representative, as listed on the Locations page. Although ARMS is a U.S. Army program, the tenant agreements are ultimately established between the facility operator and tenant. As facility operator employees, the representatives are able to provide additional details about their sites and answer any questions you may have.

Submit an Application

All potential tenants are required to submit an application to the respective facility operator representative. The application includes a variety of information regarding the nature of the potential tenant's planned operation and is intended to ensure that the potential occupancy is in the best interest of all parties.

Complete the Due Diligence

All parties involved (facility operator, potential tenant, and U.S. Army) will complete a variety of investigative tasks to ensure that the eventual agreement is founded on a mutual understanding of the facts. The Army and facility operator are committed to completing this task in a timely manner and working cooperatively with potential tenants to ensure that all responses and documentation are sufficient and complete.

Execute the Agreement

The traditional leasing mechanism utilized by the ARMS program is a Tenant Use Agreement (TUA) between the tenant and the facility operator. The specific terms of this agreement must comply with federal, state, and local laws, as well as any additional requirements that may reside in the contract between the facility operator and the U.S. Army.