Site Certification

Site Certification is intended to complete much of the site documentation and analysis that is typically completed during a prospective tenant’s due diligence process, reducing the cycle time by as much as six months or more. Equally important is the reduced risk. No longer does the prospective tenant need to invest significant time and money into the due diligence process, only to find that unknown circumstances or conditions will preclude further consideration.

The ARMS Program has embarked on a mission to obtain certification for selected portions of the GOCO facilities. This is an extensive process that begins with the development of certification criteria by a third party “site selection” and/or engineering firm, typically designated by the applicable State economic development agency. These criteria are designed to ensure that the site has attributes and conditions that will allow it to meet the expected demands of current and future commercial development opportunities, to include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Clear title to the property with no liens
  • Availability of Key Utilities
  • Proximity to Interstates or Major Highways
  • Utilization and Zoning of Surrounding Land
  • Floodplain Certification
  • Clean Environmental Assessment
  • Soil Boring Report
  • Archeological/Historical Clearance
  • Endangered Species Clearance
  • Written Permitting Process with Probable Timelines

To date, sites have been certified in the following areas, each offering a unique opportunity to prospective businesses. For more information about a specific location, please contact the respective Site Manager.