The ARMS Program offers land for industrial, commercial, and office development, as well as buildings and infrastructure that may be tailored to suit your needs. These assets are immediately available for short and long term occupancy at six locations across the United States. Terms are flexible and affordable and may even include incentives. Contact us now for more information.


The ARMS Program offers several advantages over traditional leasing, which may be of particular interest across a variety of industries.

Certified Sites

Site Certification - a process that completes much of your due diligence work for you - is already completed or in process at select ARMS locations.

Leasing Process

Although the ARMS program technically utilizes "Tenant Use Agreements" (TUA), you'll quickly find that the concept is similar to a lease.

Latest News

ground breaking rail sepAration fence - IAAAP

Iowa Army Ammunition Plant (IAAAP) announces a new railroad tenant - Iowa and Middletown Railway at a ground breaking ceremony.  [read more]